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Dancehall Queen (Ft Chevelle Franklin)

Beenie Man


Chorus: She's the dancehall queen for life
Gonna explode like dynamite
And she's moving out of sight
And she gwan mash up the place like dynamite

Verse 1: Gal a how yuh so full a etiquette and yuh so clever
You Selassie make a you decide fe be di dancer
If a mi alone I would turn you in mi lover
Gal yuh a mi nail mi want fi knock wid mi hammer
Them make mi get pon track ya Marcia
First time mi see yuh me'd a walk ina macka
Now mi see yuh and mi want fe bun mi like pepper
Olivene a froze like a sticken Fila
When dem gal deh a wine she like mumma killa
One touch mi touch it bun mi like pepper
But hear the DJ utter mi holler
Chevelle now want forever ya holler


Verse 2: Contest a gwaan for di Dancehall Queen
Who a crown all the one Olivene
Hell an power house when did lady come in
Den everybody start scream scene zeen
Where di girl come from, nobody know
She's the devil angel, or she's a go-go
Is this girl human, then she's a yo-yo
Ask mi, I don't know, but all mi know
When mi hitch up down a African Star
Mi see bus, mi see truck, mi see bike, mi see car
Night time come and video light turn on
Herr body start to alarm, caan keep calm


She can cork any session
With her cute face it create nuff heat inna di place
Try no touch a button
It you touch a button she a go try and do you something
Go girl from mi naah stop say so
Go girl to di riddim what a thow
Go girl to di bass what a go
Go girl


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