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Death To Traitors


A line drawn in the sand
And we both know
I'm not about to bury myself
Sinking in my footsteps
But not coming up for air
A firm foundation of beating hearts
Is blistering enough on the surface
Closing in and holding out my breath
Hoping to mend the wounds
Opened by years of digging out
We fight fire with fire
And you'll run back to your
Circles of friends
They won't help you now
We drew a line in the sand
And this time it's now or never
Go ahead and burn your bridges
But only if you can swim
Deep in the sea of disbelief
This time your screams won't be heard
You will fight this battle
But we'll take you out so quickly
That you and your so-called army
Couldn't see us coming
Fight this battle
We'll tear you down to the ground
We can't stop now
We were born for battle
Without vision we will die
We were born for battle
Against the tide of compromise
There is life in this
The places so close can take you so far
We won't trust our eyes to keep us there

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