Give me a break baby
Need to be with you
The doctor's order

I feel a shiver,
I'm feeling down and out
I'm a true believer,
I know what its all about
I know its not the flu,
Its all because of you
I feel a trembling when i wake,
Come back and give another break

I feel a shiver,
Running up my spine
This hurting hurting feeling,
It gets me all the time
Everytime you go away,
Seems I cant live another day
Oh my bed it is so cold,
She got my happiness on hold

Oh I feel a tun of joy,
And my heart gets warm
Thinking about you holding you,
Squeezing u in my arms
But as the day turns to night,
Loneliness gives me a fight
I'm afraid to close my eyes,
Guess its another sleepless night

Oh this shiver, this shiver, this shiver baby
I'm on the doctor's order,
And I need you baby
The remedy is you girl,
Dont you know,
Dont you know

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