Watching as you sleep so easy
Wonder why
I'm wide awake and left alone shaken
Satisfied my need and desire
Still I cry
Paralyzed, our love tearing me apart

I love you more each day
I love the music you play on my heartstrings
I feel you in every way
Reach for touch
You play on my heartstrings

We used to awake into morning
Time stood still
I slept in your arms, content to go on dreaming
A nightmare too real to imagine
Losing you
Paralyzed tonight, tearing me apart

You wake to the sound of another day
Smile at me
And I hate that I want you
But nobody ever made me feel
Feel the way I do now

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Written by: John Crawford / Matt Reid / Rob Brill / Terri Nunn · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
Sent by Rafael
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