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She's Taken A Shine

Berry John

Rosie never was one for turnin heads
She was just always kinda there
She had a few nice features more or less
No red ribbons in her hair
Since that Jesse's been goin to the diner
Folks are sayin that she's never looked finer
She's got a different air

She's taken a shine to him
Becomin the woman that she's never been
And all of the guys are wishin they hadn't been so blind
She's taken a shine to life
Now there's a sparkle in her eye
They all missed a gem, the diamond within
She's taken a shine

Rosie hardly ever missed a bit of work
Never took vacation days
Home or the diner it was all the same to her
She didn't know any other way
But each afternoon now she starts to come alive
Cause Jesse's there each day to pick her up at five
You oughta hear them say

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh what a little love can do
Now that she's found herself
She's stronger than she ever knew

(Repeat Chorus)

She's taken a shiiiiiiiiiine
She's taken a shiiiiiiiiiine

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