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She comes her hair
& cleans her face
closes the door
and kneels to pray
It don't matter
that she's alone
beast or dragon
she's going home

If I lay me down
bow me head unto the ground
would you heal my skin
and these blisters within, my skin

She found today
so hard to say
I sweat the sheets
too tired to play
& it don't matter
'cause I'm still alive
Beast or Dragons
wont make me hide, make me hide, make me hide...

(repeat chorus)

another way
I just can't find the words to say
cold where I lay
It's cold where I lay
bones cracked to clay
a killer's in the way
hot is my shame
fire pulls my veins
for never is my name
forever in my shame
and holy, come heal me
solely, delivery, deliver ay yay

(repeat chorus)

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