Photo of the artist Beth Hart

We're Still Living In The City

Beth Hart

We’re still living in the city
In a tiny rental made of wood
We’ve loved and we’ve lost friends
Time and time again
Like ripples in a stream quietly die

Every party’s got its pity
Especially when it’s time to go
Between the sun and all its moons
The biggest love I’ve found is in you
When you touch me it always makes me shine
And I am crazy ’bout you baby tonight

Sometimes I just sit and listen
To the heart of that old hard working train
Ya know the one behind jimmy’s bar
Whistling by like a shooting star
Its rhythm reminds me of the rain

And let’s go swimming in that river
I know it’s small and there’s some trash
Life don’t treat you like it should
But when it’s bad it’s still pretty good
I may be poor but I am rich on the inside
Cuz I am crazy ’bout you baby tonight

We’re still living in the city
In a little house made from a tree
And I don’t really need a view
I’d rather climb up on top of you
Your pretty face never fails to get me high
And I’m still crazy ’bout you baby after all this time

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