Photo of the artist Beth Hart

Caught Out In The Rain

Beth Hart

Everytime he walks out the front door
I wonder if he's ever coming back
But I can't help but love the taste of danger, baby
And the howl and the wind
And the rough of his hands

I got caught up in the rain
If I die I don't care, I'm in love
I'm in love, I'm in love
I'm in love with this man
I got caught out, caught out, caught out in the rain

I heard him crying in his sleep last night
No man wants to be told that he's been crying
When he wakes up I tell him it's gonna be alright
But I know that he knows that I'm just lying
I heard he shot a man down in the street
And it tore his soul apart
Last night when he was making love to me
There was another woman in his heart

Caught up in his name
Caught up in his pain
Caught all of his shame
And it ain't nobody's business

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