It's gonna be a dark cold december
With shaking lillies in the yard.
& your sweet face I will remember
How I'm gonna miss your stubburn heart.
So forgive me for my weakness
I guess my faith is a little stoned.
The angels cried on a friday
The day that God walked you home.

So goodbye Sister heroine
I'll remember everything, I love you..
Goodbye white trash beauty Queen
Your crooked heart & your beat up
dreams, I love you...

It hurts to laugh here without you
A piece inside of us is gone.
Mama tries to smile too
Aint never seen that woman try so hard.
No more working Alvarado
No more liars, tramps or thieves.
Your skin & bones don't cast no shadow
on an empty bed in Motel Six


We all threw roses at your feet
While you burned our crosses in the street
So if you're looking down on me,
I love you..

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