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The Invitation


Freedom is nice
So why do I lock myself in chain?
To live in sid is death
So why does it rein in my brain?
My God mercy has heard my cry of despereation
I seek his face to free me from this lustful perversion

No more, no more
Can I live this shame
My troughts, slave of depravity
Pleasures of wickedness
Is offered unto me
Impurity's dominion
Is calling out to be recieved
The invitation, an offer of sensual gain
Extended arms of death, self control falls to be slain

Plagues with sorrow
Reaching for false dreams
Lies have filled my head
I must run instead
Grace has freed me
Why I feel this need
To go back to a way
Of false love I've played
Resist the devil, he must flee
Resist the touch, God save me
Break the controll, upon my mind
I'm free indeed, the past behind

No more no more
Can I live this shame
My thoughts slave of depravity
The idea of pleasures
Is not always what it seems
An enticing way of seduction
Has a wage to be paid
The world revelling in their pleasures
Is invithing with appeal
But the devil through this lust
Comes to destroy, kill and steal

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