This time we run
This time we hide
This time we draw on all the fire
We have inside

We need some time
To find a place
Where I can wipe away the madness from your face

Our name is out
Our name is known
Our name is everywhere
But who knows where we've flown

I never meant to kill a man
But I will show you how to live like no-one can

Look away, look away
Hide your eyes from the land where I lie cold
Look away, look away
From the lies in the stories that were told
Look away, look away
From the love that I hide
Way down deep in my soul

I met you wild
In a snowed up town
I was waiting tied and bound
To be sent down

Then I broke loose
You weren't around
So I raised banks and trains
Until I tracked you down

You followed me
When I said no
You lay with me
When there was nowhere safe to go

We made some friends
But now it's done
I always knew
That we would never catch the sun

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Written by: Stuart Adamson. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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