Don't be cruel, teddy bear, dancing hips
And long black hair, old friend, you cross my mind

Today Las Vegas hotel, Graceland
Sweet young daughter and a million things
Old friend, you
Touch my heart today

If I listen real close in the still of the night
I can hear your voice saying you're alright
Close my eyes open my soul
Touch the king of rock 'n roll, old friend
It's good to hear
You once again

You shook us all up, your love is tender
Cot us in a trap, we all surrendered on you, oh, yeah
Loving you, don't (don't)
Don't stop dreamin' of I'm fallin' in love with you

I can sit down put your records on
7 sad years are suddenly gone, God you were young
Doesn't seem fair, would you be here
If I could have been there, old friend, are hearts
Are cryin' once again

Trap here on earth, your mother is free
A lonely pain we refuse to see
Old friend you've

Touch my heart today, old friend
I'm missing you once again
I'm missing you once again

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