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Spend Another Night

Billy Gilman

I instantly knew when I saw you
You and I would be forever
Hearts never apart, true from the start
To each other and together
There's nothing we can't do
And until the end of time
If you tell me you'll be mine

CHORUS:I'm never gonna spend another night
Without you in my dreams
For the rest of my life
I'm gonna reach out to you honestly and try
To give you what you need
With all of my mind
cuz nothing has ever felt so real and so right
I'm never gonna spend another night
(without you in my dreams)

Is You I saw in my heart
That even alone in the dark I can feel the
Light of our love shining
We are so meant to be
That we're definately destiny
And there's no denying
That I love you
Though it's so cliche
There's nothing else to say but...

(Repeat CHORUS)

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