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God's Alive And Well

Billy Gilman

Verse 1:

When I see the stars, hangin' in the sky, ohh..
When I watch a bird, spread it's wings and fly
And each time I hear the wind, blow through the trees, ohh...
With every breath of air that I breathe,
All the things I can't see, stand inside I believe

Chorus 1x:

In a baby's laugh, in a mother's eyes
Little miracles sorround us everyday of our lives
The way the sun lights up the dark,
The hope that I feel in my heart
And as far as I can tell,
God's alive and well

Yeah, god's alive and well

2nd Verse:

Just like the earth, cradles the moon, ohh..
How that far away sun, still makes the flowers bloom
And the joy only heaven, can bring to a song, ohh..
If trouble comes I am safe in the hands,
'Cause I know there's a plan, my heart understands

Chorus 1x

Verse 3:

Call it a little but of luck,
Or just a simple twist of faith
Before we get swept up in the arms,
You can feel it, everyday

Chorus 1x

As far as I can tell, god's alive and well...

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