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She was dressed to impress
A little bit naughty written on her chest
Tight jean on machine
Turnin' every head when she's on the scene

She stands out
In the crowd
She's loud and proud with what she's got

That girl can work it
She knows what she's doing
She's on a mission
She's got a plan
She'll drive you crazy
But you got to give her a hand
She left me speechless
And all I could say was Damn


She got curve, She got nerve
Making all the girls say
You know the word
They're jealous but
They won't tell us

They're taking down notes
As she gets all the fellas
She puts the men in a trance
When she dances
The glances let her know she's hot

repeat chorus


When she plays the games
She's hard to tame
And she drives a man insane


repeat chorus twice

That girl can work it

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