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I Can't Get Away


I believe that when you're free you're never free, if you can'tsee- I can never breathe easily- and I pray everyday,religiously, for freedom, from this life in agony

Get away can't get away, I can't get away from you

So I wait and watch in fear of the memory of my life's tragic endin misery and I prey everyday for salvation - for a reason, tosuffer this suffocation…



Every moment I feel is agony, every breath I take is choking me,every thought I have just fucks with me- will it take my death tobreak my soul free?

Can you feel my torment can you feel my anger can you feel themisery, all around me?

I'm alone and out of touch with what is real because no one canever feel the way I feel and I prey to stop the voices in my headforever, I feel so violated


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