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You are the one that made me,
Buried and betrayed me,
You are the one that threw me, away

You are the one that did this,
Beg for your forgiveness,
Get down on your fucking
Knees and pray.


'Cos you're gonna, celebrate,
Stop running your mouth
And no you don't have to grieve,
Just relax, get inside,
You and I are gonna take a ride
Don't hate me, just for fun,
Left a little note saying what you've done,
And now I've got that off you're chest
I'll stop digging a hole so you
Can get some rest.

(Faded : To make sure.yeah.To make sure)

You are the one that earned me,
Lit the match and burnt me,
But somehow I can't give you all the blame
(All the blame.)

'Cos I'm the one that let you,
I wish I could forget you,
But I keep crawling back to fan the flame
(Fan the flame)


To make sure you're (yeah)
I need to make sure you're dead

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