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Heart Of a Lion

Black Steel

Don't be afraid, face up to the night
Anything worth having you know it's
surely worth the fight
Talk is cheap, actions speak
Louder than any words
You've got strength and fortitude in your mind

Pre Chorus:
Feel the power this will be our hour
Victory for those who have the will
We are taking the heat
We will never cry defeat
Conquer the world in for the kill

Now is the time stand tall my friends
This is not the end
This game of life we all play to win
Heart of a lion - no surrender

Don't be afraid of those who put you down
No-one kicks a dead dog
You take it in your stride
Cowards cry self defeat when the going's tough
You've got strength and fortitude in your mind

(Pre Chorus)
(Solo - Jamie/Andy)

Strength of will pride and honour, glory from the heart
(Repeat 1st verse)
(Pre Chorus)
(Chorus x 2)

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