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Foto del artista Blackdeath

At first I saw nothing
There was only darkness in my dream
Strange dream
That didn't dream to me

Then I saw towers
The gigantic black towers
They were everywhere
All over the Earth

The black monuments seemed endless
As if they wanted to conquer the Heaven
In vain I sought for human traces
This was absolutely other world without people

The towers of the Great Old Ones
Towered over the cliffy desert

The towers from other dimension
Showed the human nothingness
I didn't want to see their dwellers
But I could not wake up

The alien towers dragged to the enter
To the enter in an alien terrible world
I didn't want to go but they were stronger
I approached step by step

A strange feeling gripped me
I couldn't feel my body
The towers ceased to frighten
There are not dreams in our world

The world of the Great Old Ones
Dictates the supreme laws