In the back of a record store
Piled up on the killing floor
Vinyl veterans who went to war
when they was in their teens

In the back of a record store
piled up on the dirty floor
all the songs I'd love to hear
but I don't hear anymore

Now in the darkest hour
on the front all is not silent
But I can still hear
Chuck Berry's guitar scream

I never wanted this to be true
no, no, no
I never wanted this...
Wanted this for you

It's been deleted baby
It's been deleted maybe
It's been deleted from your world

Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper
Ritchie Valens, all my forefathers
All died for nothing
or so it seems

In the clubs the disco's still pumping
on the floor the kids are all humping
but I can't help but shed a tear
when Little Richard screams

I never wanted it to end like this
I never wanted it to end
Goodbye to my first kiss
Hello loneliness
Goodbye my friends

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