Don't Waste Time


Blame-Don't waste time

I don't care
What you suddenly think about me now
I don't care
I've just understood what the hell you are
No one, MAYBE, really understands
I'm going to be OUT, and there's no game
For the first time
I'm going to be out (x2)
I won't get away anymore
Cause I want to dare the doom
And you can see that
But In decline….
No way is wrong
If you finally have decided it
No way is right
I've just understood
How much wrong YOU are
Why don't you even try to see
I'm going to be OUT and not alone
For the first time
I'm going to be out (x2)
Something is bringing me down to my hell
I refuse my cage
So I fire my rage
I will burn this stage
Bring it on

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