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Release Me


'm drowning in the
Shallow waters
And I'm trying so hard
To reach the top
Something so pure
In the end to catch
I can see it above me

Unbreath the freedom
Release me
A choice to change
A new direction
I feel so trapped
Let me go

And as the sun light
Tries to guide me
I keep pretending
There's nothing there
And now I'm so deep
Nowhere near the end
And I keep going down
So down

I begin to see the person
Holding me
Is me
Let it go (Release me)
Let it go (Release me)
I can't fight it (I can't fight it)
And I won't deny it ( I won't deny it)
As times go by
Come and realize
That it's me
Who holds the key

Let me go
Release me
Let me go
Release me
Release me

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Written by: Billy Lawrence / Corey Rooney / J. Olivier / S. Barnes / Sting. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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