Another Night With You


A little late, a little late,
But better late than never.
All alone, here in this hallway,
Missin' love we shared so strong,
Now i'm wanting you
I need another chance to show,
How much i really care for you,
I need...
Another night with you, (to show you what's inside my heart)
Need another night with you, (before you go)
Another night with you.
A note in my hand and i don't understand,
Why you'd leave a paper goodbye,
And never look me in the eye,
I wish i could go back one night,
So you believe in me,
That i would give my life for...
Time was like a wall we wouldn't climb, (it'd separate us now and then)
We part the waters and we find, (sometimes we hurt the ones we love)
Now i know where i went wrong,
Your heart should be my home, so could we give it one more try,
And if i could do it all again, i'd be with you all the time.
A little late, but better late than never.

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Written by: Darren Rust / J.D. Steele / Levi Seacer, Jr.. Isn't this right? Let us know.