How Does It Feel Coming Down

Blessid Union Of Souls

I see you found out what real class is
Bottle of Merlot and a pair of glasses
Who can be the one to get drunk the fastest
But what you didn't understand is that

You down one and you're feeling cool
But too many swigs and you act a fool
Rattle off things that you never knew
But they didn't listen anyway, yeah

Thought you were the mountain king
Waiting real still for the phone to ring
But you blocked 'em all with your attitude
You were the one who put the "R" in rude and
Underneath you're screaming loud
But everyone else can't hear a sound

Where will you be
When no one believes and
How does it feel coming down

Thought you were needed
Now you can't believe it
How does it feel coming down

You walked tall with your posse in tact
Had a good thing as a matter of fact
Until you realized that you broke the pact
That you never really meant at all

That's when you noticed it was falling to pieces
And it was up to you to bend down and reach in
But you were too busy having fun and cheating
Living off the memories

And that didn't last too long and it doesn't spend
Bills piled up and it never ends
Past creeps up by the day to haunt you
Your fair-weather friends still like to flaunt you
And inside you're afraid to show
What everybody else already knows

Where will you be
When no one is screaming
And how does it feel coming down

We've all been here waiting
And now you're deflating
How does it feel coming down
To the ground

And there you go again
Alienating another friend that
Would've been there 'til the end
Now you don't know where to begin and

All the people that you once used
Want you to know how it feels in their shows
So they'll be there just to watch you fall
And take a good look at how a walk becomes a crawl

Wide awake and sleeping
High all day and drinking
While the time is speeding away

Where will you be
When no one's believing
What will you do
When they see right through you
And where will you go
When all they'll want to know is
How does it feel coming down

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