Follow the Blind
Your journey, your last hope, it can begin
these passing dreams
were real no fantasy
there are more things than we know
come take my hand

Searching for the talisman you'll find it
on another plane far from all time
maybe you wonder while you see
the same faces

you cand find yourself in it
cause you're a part

I'm another
strange my feelings
where am I here
for a short time
I remember I had been here

I'm alone, follow me !
Calling you, follow me !
I'm alone, follow me !
Follow me
Follow me it's my time
Follow me
Follow the Blind

Wandering around in my darkest dreams
iron shadows are lurking at me
in this desert the tyrant's calling
On the run to save my Love
she's full of pain
the queen is lying far behind
in an endless dream

Before I thought I was dreaming
a strange voice whispers in my ears
you're the rat in the trap
return, or pain will come to you

Ref.: I'm alone .. ..No!

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