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Born In a Mourning Hall

Blind Guardian

In fact it was close to a real fallout
Everything's under control
The speaker said with a serious smile
Behind his mask
He knew the truth
I'll bring a new age of better ways
The TV preacher said
Just pay today
Pay today

World's dressed in black
On earth's judgement day
And I?
I know it can't go on
Forbidden signs increase
I'm sitting still at home
And watching

Born in a mourning hall
Pale clouds feared the unborn child
Then it grew up with growing plans
Of suicide
Born in a mourning hall
Shadows left the fear inside
That Peter Pan will never reach
The other side

It's frightening
Exciting to sit at home
And watch the burning fields
Hypnotized by the TV snake

Obey and work hard
And feel no anger
Just sympathy for the higher class
There's no chance in changing things
Cause I am

Born in a mourning hall
Silent cries ran out
When the cradle breaks
Broken dreams were unheared on
The other side
Born in a mourning hall
Shadows left the fear
In the new born child
That Peter Pan will never reach
The other side

And I'm a part of the machine
A puppet on the strings
A rebel, once
Now I'm an old man

Oh, I know this can't go on
But the ghost called Fear Inside
Lames my tongue, my nerves, my mind
Eternal fall down
Someone cut the strings off
I can't move
To get back courage
I've to face the truth
But not today

Born in a mourning hall
Caught inside a web called life
The only way to get out soon
Is suicide
Born in a mourning hall
Pale souls built a frozen world
Infected brains
Will never reach the other side
The other side

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Compuesta por: André Olbrich / Hansi Kürsch. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.

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