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His feet are dirty
And his face, his face is long
And while he's peeking out
Through his hair, he hides the pain
Till that Lennon song comes along
He'll turn it off and say

"Can you drive?
Can you drive?
Can you drive?"

Jimmy, we need to borrow this for a minute
'Cause we need to escape
I am signing to escape

Now there's so many things that
He's gonna do, yeah, in five lifetimes
Hell, I couldn't do 'em all
Hey hell and while he's rolling his own smokes
He says to me, "He's buying a new ride today
A classic deal the boss will give"
He said the same thing two weeks ago

You've seen that sweaty jet rag feeling come over him
And I've seen that boy nod no, into a dream a time or two

Hey, hey and on his way out his glazed stare
Will make you stop and wonder
Hey William, is that the last time
I'm gonna look at you?

{But the next day phone will ring
And it will be him}

Can you drive?
Can you drive?
Can you drive?

Jimmy, what would you say?
What would you do?
Oh should I pray
Or do you think that this blind mind
Would listen to me, anyway?

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Written by: Blind Melon / Brad Smith / Christopher Thorn / Glenn Graham / Rogers Stevens / Shannon Hoon. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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