The day will come...
I wanna see the Morning Star
That can show me love, and bring me joy
Came from above
Though I'm very far away
Without you it hurts so hard

The Dark inside my soul
(Let there be light)
Drowned in my evil
(No one shall snatch them out of my hand)
The point of no return
(I've not come for the righteous)
Almost reaching, almost done

All Dark can be taken down
(Let light shine out of darkness) 2 Cor 4:6-7
Since everything was over
(Into thy hands I commit my spirit)
n' raised from the dead
n' rescued human souls

Wonder Morning Star
Shining Morning Star
Shower down your light
Justice, love and hope

Mighty morning star
Bright morning star
Son of the Lord's love
Mighty sheding blood

The day has come…
And I saw the Morning Star
That gave me true love
There's no more cry…

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