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Step back cause the bass is fuzzin'
Bloodhound Gang bangs more than the dirty dozen
Alley oop here comes the slam i know where I stand
I'm feelin' like Anthrax cause you know O'm the man
Yea I dug your dame but all I did was kiss her
But I got to second base with your mom and your sister
I'll wipe the grin off your face like I was a can of Windex
I threw a right I threw a right was I live or Memorex
Go down down deep deep in and out quick
Cause I'm harder than Chinese arithmetic
Now my fist is in your face cause you stood in my way
You tried to talk your shit and your ass got paid
I get stupid like the mongoloid Corky
Welcome to McDonald's may I take your order
Cause I'm cold kicken' lyrics like my arm was on fire
Like Pinnochio my nose don't grow cause I ain't no liar

Go down go down to get it up get it up
Go down go down to get it up y'all

Clap it on clap it off sniff my exhaust
Cause i got more steps than Barishnikov
Like a pirouette, a pirouette, a pair of wet jeans
You don't understand but your girl knows what I mean
So I kicks my lines kind of complex
A text of intricate words and other spoken effects
Like a preacher on the mount teaching things he doesn't follow
When you tried to hit the brake but pushed on the throttle
Mr. Goody Two Shoes picture the scenario
Your girl blew me as I blew your stereo
And I gots more bass than a baseball diamond
Don't put me on your chalkboard cause I'm not down with Simon
Sonic boom in your room assume you're not there
Booty licken' nugget picken' with your dad downstairs
Love is just a fallacy I got more force than gravity
I can run all night like an Energizer battery

Go down go down to get it up get it up
Go down go down to get it up y'all

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