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I'll Find A Way

Blu Cantrell

The promise of love, it came from the heart
thought all that we shared would last forever
so where did things go wrong, what happened
that made things fall apart
why i just don't know
its so hard to let go of someone i used to call my own

but i'll find a way, i'll get over you one day
i'll find a way, i'm gonna deal with all this pain
i'll find a way 'cause i know that somewhere
my soul mate is waiting for me
gonna make it through the day, i'll find a way

silence gets so intense without you to share a word
i really miss your presence, this lonliness feels awkward
but i don't call you-i refuse
i'd rather lay here by myself in the dark
crying my heart out, i wish these tears could erase
all the memories of you but they can't

hook (repeat)

cuz what hurts today in time will fade away
when you told me good-bye i felt so betrayed
find the courage to move on
one day i'll replace the precious love i lost

i'm not living for tomorrow, i'm living for today

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