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Waste My Time

Blu Cantrell

I gave you all my love
it never was enough
you took for granted
that i cared so very much
i gav eyou everything
i made your house a home
please tell me why you did me wrong

Why do i waste me time you
giving you the loving that you don't deserve
and if i had the chance to think it through
i probably wouldn't waste my time on you

hook (repeat)

i let you be a man
and still you wanna front
i even cleaned your ashtray
when you rolled them up
but now you think somebody's love is as good as mine
i can't think of no reason
but boy you must be blind

hook (repeat)

Now i see the light
it shines so bright
cuz i kno i'll find a man
who will treat me right

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Written by: Christopher Tricky Stewart / Tab & Da Villon. Isn't this right? Let us know.