Baby when we fell in love
I packed my el camino up
Never looked back
A tank of gas, twenty bucks
Left behind a cloud of dust
And all we had
Gave up everything
I'd do it all again
Don't you know that's just the kind of man i am

Hey what's not to love
About a man who'd live and die
Sweared and sacrifice for you
Hey what's not to love
About time after time
Layin' it on the line for you
What's not to love about
What's not to love about that

You looked at me the other night
Disappointment in your eyes
Said i'm not sure
It knocked me back to say the least
When you said you don't need me
I don't understand
I've done all i can
To be the kind of man you always wanted


Isn't love about give and take
Isn't that what they say
But baby can't you meet me half way


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Written by: Aaron Benward / Scott Reeves. Isn't this right? Let us know.