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Baby Ice Dog

Blue Öyster Cult

I had this bitch you see, she made lies to me
Her deceit, oh, it gave me a chill
But I found out now, that baby that baby ice dog

She said, we would wed in Mongolian country
Lilies shoot free, but she was snowing me
In the mountains, oh, her intent was all too clear

It was quite a sin, how the ice caved in
I was numb, I could not assist
Baby ice went down through cold cold cold ground
I said baby, that's the breaks

Leading me around like broke down hound dog
Crossing me once too often
Now she's bound for a lower station
She crossed me once too often
And now the ladies all fear this Mongolian man
With ice down his face you know I could get them involved
In unnatural acts with the aid of my cold cold stare

They'd like to make it with my big black dog
But they just don't know how to ask
You know they'd like to try anything that comes into your mind
Oh freeze on freeze on freeze on bone to bone

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Written by: Albert Bouchard / Eric Bloom / Patti Smith. Isn't this right? Let us know.