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Al Up To You

Blues Traveler

Well, it seems no one can protect you
And your friends just don't understand
When your hopes and your courage neglect you
And no arm long enough to lend a hand
When your road seems like any other
Cold and dry, wonder why
You've just gotta believe one way or another
It's just gotta be worth one more try
And though the world is spitting venom
And there ain't nothing nobody else can do
Simply remember that it's all
All up to you
When your heart's been crushed like a baby
When the one you love is walking away
What's left of you is thinking how just maybe
You might find that's that special something left to
And that cruel, cruel heaven above you
Let it be soft, just let her go, let her go
Facing it, she just doesn't love you
I know it hurts, Lord I know
And though without her, it seems you've got nothing
No matter all the heavy heartache you've been through
Truth of the matter, though it's hard to swallow
It's still all up to you
Up to you
I know sometimes the answer ain't easy
Sometimes it's hard enough to carry on
But I know somewhere, somebody needs me
If the entire loving universe was gone
All that I'm saying is that pain comes from you
From deep inside, don't run and hide
Unto thine own self you must be true
If you've ever laughed or ever cried
Now you could say I've had one too many
You could say I've had one too few
Either way, you know it's okay
I'd live on to fight just one more day
Call it a matter of foolish pride
But at least I could say that at least I tried
Once and forever, it's still all up to you

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