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Are you ready Bob
what about you lofty
i'm a bit scared
ok team lets go

1,2,3,4,5 everybody's outside so come on lets ride
to the builders yard around the corner
the gangs all here and its time for us to do what we wanna
there's a house with a roof that leaks
its an urgent job and it could take us weeks
theres dizzy lofty and roley too
and wendy always knows just what to do
and theres no job too big or small
with scoop and muck we can do it all
metal brick or wood its all good
and we can always send in the tractor

A little bit of timber and a saw
a little bit of fixing thats for sure
a little bit of digging up the roads
a little bit of moving heavy loads
a little bit of tiling on the roof
a little bit of making waterproof
a little bit of concrete mixed with sand
a little bit of Bob the builder man


Jump up and down and move it all around
mix it up to the sound
dig a hole in the ground
take one step left
and one step right
one to the front
and one to the side
clap your hands once and clap your hands twice
and if it looks like this then your doin' alright

there's roley, lofty, scoop, muck and dizzy
so much work to keep us all busy
and can we fix it, yes we can
with the team and bob the builder man

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