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Well i'm going down the street
Going to see sadie
To let her know
She's my baby
And i'm tired of the games
She's been playin' on me
Well, i maybe young
And foolish inside
But, i'm the one, and i've got my pride
And, here tonight love's gonna be allright
Chorus 1:
Well, come on little baby
Come on out and see
There's the whole wide world
Waiting on you and me
To hell, you'll see
Chorus 2:
We ain't got to worry tonight
We ain't got to run, it's allright
They don't let
No, angels out at night!
Na, na, na, na, na
(repeat chorus 2)
You said "i got a chance, reaching your hands"
And i ain't the one
Gonna end up your man
But, there's one thing
That you gotta understand
That my love is real
Baby, my love's true
Maybe it don't mean
That much to you
But here tonight
Our love is gonna see us through
(repeat chorus 1, 2 and 2 again)
(guitar solo)
(repeat chorus 1, 2, and 2 again)
No, angels out at night! (3 times)
Hey, hey baby

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