Barkeep pour me one last shot 'cause I must be on my way
Gotta make that same old stop that this soul makes everyday
Tell me why am I holding on? Harry, why is love like a flame?
It burns you when it's hot but Cupid's fire trucks never came
I can't bend the hands of time so I think myself to sleep
The way you never said goodbye if only in my dreams

Tell me where you want to go
Tell what you long to be
Are you longing for my touch?
If only in my dreams
We sing the love songs you once sung
Touch the stars you want to reach
And I will see the job gets done
If only in my dreams

Lord, I'd sacrifice my eyes; there's nothing else I'd rather see
And you can have my heart; it's of little use to me
And if you want my soul I'd throw it in for free
It's all I'm worth that's left since my angel got her wings
Now I'm down and on my knees; it's of little use to pray
Unless you give her back but there's no deals cut these days
They're only in my dreams


Now I curse the daytime
When I'm alone at nighttime
'Cause I swore the sun shined just for you
And I know you anywhere
There ain't no pain, there ain't no tears
And if I have my way from the moment I get there…

Take me where you wanna go
We'll be who you wanna be
All I needed was your touch
All I want is you and me
We'll sing the love songs you once sung
And you'll be in my dream
Until that war is won
It's only in my dreams

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