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Bon Jovi

This time girl I've had enough
You're too hot to handle with kid gloves
Its too late I hear a knock on the door
The game's over baby I can't take
It no more

Breakout, breakout
Take these chains from me
You held my heart for ransom
Baby, set it free
Breakout, breakout
Your lies can't hide what I see
I'm better off on my own

Promises made in the heat of the night (whoa-oh-oh)
Those words were broken under bedroom lights (whoa-oh)
Your lips they burn your body calls my name (whoa-oh)
I can feel the fire but its all in vain (whoa-oh)

(Whoa-oh) you say we'll meet around midnight
You're gonna make me feel oh so right
I'm saying: Oh, no, not tonight
You gotta let me go

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