(shouting in backround)
Wit more black men in da world, we aint neva gunna die
We multiply, straight up straight up (cheers)

What you are about to witness
Is tha rising of a thug nation
And a beginning of a thug world order

(dark voice)
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Whats up punk bitches
Bone thugs n harmony deck up in dat ass wit shot gun blasts
Ha ha ha ha ha ha and ya'll mutha fuckas thought it was ova...bitch

See now
Come see da bone bone x41
Bone bone bone x 8

(lead into the next song)
Who be da niggas thats keepin the thuggish
Ruggish from da public and if you dont like it then
We tell em fuck it nigga suck a dick so nigga whaaat..

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Written by: Al Henderson / B.B. Keyes / Brian Bizzy McCane / C. Scruggs / S. Howse. Isn't this right? Let us know.