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I say the war shouldn't stop
until these playa-hatin niggaz body rott (body rott)
nigga the war shouldn't stop
until these mothafuckin cops body rott (body rott)

we presist smoke blunts
youll never find a thuggish bunch of niggaz like us
dont be so quick to test us
I be laodin my bust
im a have to talk to Eazy through the Ouija
so I can see if maybe he can tell me
why ya hatin on me bitin on me
why ya want me to show a nigga LeatherFace in me
dont fuck around nigga he's a real buck em down nigga
motherfuck rampin how bout fuckin with me now nigga
nigga get ya chips from ya bras get high
then ya bras get cheese from niggas and ride
everynody wanna party even the niggaz with problem
hey nigga we'll solve em cuz bitch we'll squash em
you dont know me fuck you when you got beef
but you also got no clothes no style and no mo teeth
see me rampin on yo tv actin
and its a fact that when you see us in person
that we wouln't flex so show you no action
down for mine, got to show a nigga time 2 time
so I figga I slow down the rhyme
so they can understant I sing with so much anger and pain
that if I jump then ill exlpode like a fuckin grenade
nigga, fuck calm time to ring the alarm
break the niggaz out of prison killin all the gaurds
power to the people givin people the power
to put it down in yo city
and fuck dem hill billies
nigga I cant stand no motherfuckin po-po
but we gon start killin these bitches and takin no more
yea, mothug the only click that I claim
although we all be on tha bangin
you can say I wrote tha game
and this is seen checkers in tha making
so nigga continue with the remaining


I heard a murder, heard a murder
heard, yea nigga we heard of another murder
so when they got the Tyrone
flipin the flow now let it burn
when tha pistol they polish it off
rollin withBONE
bitch, you know we come with
black dat please
in the 1999 with my feet up in Indonesia
were there be no beat
release the beat
gotta rid tha streets
and getta my peeps
????but they cant me
its never a trench
nigga betta use your arms betta use your fists
pick up my cannon and get get yea
were gonna fuck you up????
were corrupt as a 40 dollar fuck
come and get fucked up
and get out tha county niggaz get rallyed
duck in an alley dissapear pear
in an ally
reapear pear off in Cali
if ya fell me daddy early
I was taught like a man man
and we do shiticly
with tha band
now look at me platnum fuck da rap
we caught a bith made hation
nation now a dayz on oc-u-pation
so why you hate me still cant fade me
Im waiting on me
because a point of view was made with the song
im ready to go pop pop pop pop pop


how do you see me when you see me
drinkin on hennesy and reamy
look into my eyes my shit is dreamy
begin to scotty beam me up
a bunch of gauge eruptions swolled your whole infantry
yall betta expect inialation fuckin around with the SCT's
betta be soldiers organized for the love of justice
armacy, for harmony and nigga in thugs we trust
so nigga I bust so back up off me givin em mercy
shit is crittical, killin you individual with a Ouija typeritual
I diggin a ditch for all you po-po who thought that you couldcome and raid
there aint no way to be safe nigga its the army briggade
so listen up and hearwhats spoken as I start this locomotion
retaliate because we chosen all we show is pure devotion


now when ya fuckin with me
make sure you know what cha doin
got niggaz dat knowin rollin wit me
infared to yo head dont beg you dead
we fled, gotta get away, gotta make sure Im free
so when you need me I can buck another day
its a BONE thing betta run run
cuz when ya fuckin with you gonn die die
dont be suprised BONE want your presidents
wanna run it all run all of it all of it
fuckin done, fuckin done
nigga this superstear
dont pull no gun if you aint no spirit
click clack back be the sound
these buckers and haters is wrong
uh, we buckin em down
trust in me, I harmony I free p's
eternally bless my soul lord
and everybody that rides with me
its from me to you, its from me to you(me to you)
cuz its my point of view
its just a point of view(point of view point of view)
yea, and thats why I stay high
so high so high
like ladidada ladidada
so high so high


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