Sleeping is like living like it starts so slow
Like you're 20 years old before you pick up the tempo
No it's not funny
Oh no it's not funny

I hear you laughing but i swear it's not funny
You think it's humorous the way we fade away
But one day you'll feel it too and this is what you'll say:
I've had too much sleep, too much sleep, i've slept too much

I slept way too much, i really overslept
I could've been awake but i slept way too much

Oh i can sleep safely in the u.s.a.
Or i could've been out in the sun all day
Or had too much sleep, too much sleep...
I've spent a lot of time up in harlem

And even more in the far east
I never fought for my country
Or from the belly of the beast
'cuz i got plenty aggravation
I can't seem to get too much sleep

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