Violence - a way of life
Took a long for me to see the light
Bruised knuckles and broken bones
Solve nothing, and now I know

It takes more strenght to turn a walk
Coz no ones ever change their thought
From a kick to the teeth or a punch on the chin
You're fighting a fight that you can never win

Took a long time to see
But now it's clear to me
How did we end up here
Throught violence and fear

Took a long time see
But now it's clear to me
We can't change the world
But we can change ourselves

Fear - state of mind
Do you know how long it's gonna last
Generation full of hate
As for now I can't see the end

Watching the news just make you sick
Another bomb threat, another racist prick
There's no doubt I've had enough
Just stop the world I wanna get off

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