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Obediance to Satan Never Dies

Born of Witch

At the heart of the forest sits an ancient witch
Rendering the fat of a newborn male she stirs
The bubbling gruel hypnotically she mumbles
Incantations incoherently recitation of the spells now
Absolute bewitching the contents of the somatic stew
The witch smears the ointment on her naked flesh
She swears her soul to Satan then she takes a breath
and then she flies Onward to the Sabbat she flies
blessed by the power of Lucifer the witch rides
the midnight sky high above the trees in the star
drenched sky the witch cackles madly gravity
defied she follows Satan's call with obedience
flying to the Sabbat in a demon trance near her
destination she descends to earth guided by the
power of Lord Lucifer she lands in the circle of
Pagan flame she falls to her knees and cries
out Satan's name she cries amidst the pagan fire
she cries proclamation of her oath to Satan's
reign the witch prepares her final sacrifice
the witch opens her veins her blood spills
in Satan's name her soul transcends into the
night the pact sealed eternally to Satan's delight
now she is home Lord Satan owns her soul
she died loyal to Lord Satan she died she
sacrificed herself in the name of hell
her obedience to Satan never dies

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