Sweet Cream Ladies Forward March

Box Tops

Sweet cream ladies,
forward marchthe box topssweet cream ladies
forward marchthe world owes you a living sweet cream
ladies do your thoughtthink
what you are givingto the lost and lonely people
of the nightout of need they seek
direction from the lightthey
will love you in the darknesstake
advantage of your starknessand refuse
to recognize you in the lightsweet cream
ladies forward marchthink what your providingsweet cream ladies show your startchwhat's the use
in hidingwell point the searchlights below
the other wayyou can stick your stimulation in your bayit's a necessary function and for those without
perfunctionyou get tired of vanilla
everydaysweet cream ladies forward
marchpuritans ignore themsweet cream
ladies do their partsweet cream men
adore themlet them satisfy the ego of
the malelet them fabricate success
to those who failand should memories
pursue themlet life give credit
to themthey might keep a simple fellow
out of jailsweet cream ladies
forward marchsweet cream ladies
forward marchsweet cream ladies forward march...

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