I can remember when there were times I thought we'd never eat again,
and salvation was our drinking
Things were different then, it was five of us against the world but then,
the world sure seemed much smaller
Broken down, down and out
Out of gas, out of food without a doubt
Broken up, up in arms
armed to the teeth with ways to kill the pain
I was around back when we would fight each other for a couch or bed,
though we'd never end up sleeping
We could rely on friends through the good, the bad,
the ugly times that we spent together when we were
Stealing our daily bread, naming vans until they all became our friends,
at least until they left us…
I wouldn't trade these drunken days to be like you,
and say "I'll be safe, I'm just waiting for…
waiting for life to start."
You can hate what we create
But we'll be standing here when everything falls apart

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