Who are the real patriots
Who are the real traitors
Who will stand up
Who will be the new leaders
If you love this country, take it back, from those who will destroy it
Protest is patriotism
Protest is patriotism

Now you've thrown your past agreements into the fire
And your government's become a whore
For outside interests that now enslave the poor
Their suffering now stands ignored, pushed out - spat on
Turn jobs into weapons to make a profit out of blood, sweat and lies
Free trade sounds easy and so damned harmless
Until they're exploited by blind eyes, chewed through - spat out
The evil that you feed improves economy for the rich that run your campaign
Increase the bottom line, your role again defined, out with the old and in with the same
Time to unmask the devil
Divide and conquer, kill off and prosper, recite the game that you've been sold
Manifest destiny, your life atrocities, responsibility annulled, pushed out - enslaved
When will their wants meet our needs, when will their words match their deeds
When will the time come to stand and take it back from their hands
The blood is on your hands, life stealing motherxxxxers
The constitution burns to ash in front of you, the people know what you are up to
Your sins will come back on you

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