No path unto knowledge living a lie
No virtuous life in the pride of the blind
History wrought with disease for so long, a nation sleeps tight
The poison carries on with the lepers, the sinners,
The weak, and the strong
Act like you’re shocked but you’re still fucking wrong
At the mouth of your tomb I stand and defy
Every coward invoking their faith to justify your lies
Enshrined in submission
Enslave yourself to the divine disguised as salvation
That you bought with your sacrifice
Deception justified for your holy design
High on your platform spewing out your crimes
From the altar of god

There are wars to be waged and obsessions to fill
The masses will follow if it be god’s will
Shame into mandate and faith into abuse
Crucify, terrorize, indoctrinate the youth
Blind submission or treason there’s no other way
Why teach them how to kill you just teach them how to hate
Control taught as love, directive from above
Strike like an eagle and sacrifice the dove

On the altar of god

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