I like the stairs
The things that she wears
And her blue eyes

It'd be a whole lot better
If it was me instead of them guys

Asked her a question
She said what
I said whats your name

After she told me
Knew it wouldn't be the same

Ma Ma Ma Marcia call me

Formica walls
Invisible halls
and her bedroom

She had to share
I like to stare
and watch her groom

She broke her nose
But I don't care
She still looks good

Go to the house
and find the place
Right where she stood

Ma ma ma Marcia call me

I like her clothes
Never saw her toes
Oh what a smile

She wants a date with Doc
But I'll still wait a while

I hope she hears my words
Cuz I just want to say

I watch the tube
And think about you everyday

Ma ma ma Marcia call me

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