AIn't It Funny How
Ain't It Funny How Things
Always Come Right Back Around...

How The Tables Turn
were the little time
that once was up will soon be down

I ain't thinkin Bout
what it was that made me think
you was all so great
I Ain't Sittin 'round
tryin to figure out what you
thought was so wrong with me

You Treated Me Like I wasn't Nothing Thought you were something
(You Made It Seem Like Rocka wasn't that way boy)
Now You Come A knockin and i was thinking
(You Almost Had me For a Minute but I...)

On Second thought I'm Alright
don't hate because i changed my mind
you thought i that wasn't working
Now Looks hurtin

On second thought don't drop by
It could be a waste of time
Remember you wasn't there and
now you so into me
On second thought I'll say goodbye
bye bye bye goood by bye bye
goood byebyebye good bye bye bye

(Verse 2)
If Back then Was Now
probably what is thinking
over sending him to me
But I found Out
that it's better to hurt back then
because now it strengthens me
so now when you bounce

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