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Independence Day

Brave Saint Saturn

You're biting your lip now
I know, 'cause you do it all the time
You're blinking your eyes hard
I know, 'cause you used to be mine

Strong and resiliant,
Beautiful and brilliant
Proving that you're free

You say,
You still love me,
But I'm your
Own worst enemy

Independence Day, Second of May
Lost my best friend, and a fiance,
So I will hold this candle high

Independence Day, nothing I could say
Would sway you not to sever ties
Your liberty can't rest on lies

Francisco Goya
Painted it gay
I'd rather have been shot
On the Third of May

Freedom never came for free
Patriots are bleeding their veins clean
That's me in the corner singing "God save the Queen"
"God save the Queen"


I can think of
Better synonyms for fear
Hope your life is great
I hope it's been a wonderful year

Waiting every day
Staring at the phone
Jesus Christ
I feel so empty and alone


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